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Buy Condoms Online In IrelandThis may be hard to believe but condoms were illegal to sell in Ireland until 1978. Thankfully we've come a long way since then. Condoms are essential for birth control and in maintaining good sexual health. We believe condoms should be readily available to the people of Ireland at accessible prices so we have stepped up to the plate and can now offer you condoms at recession busting prices.

We currently stock Durex but will be expanding our range in the near future. All our Condoms are genuine, carry the CE quality mark and are made for the European market so you can rest easy with us when it comes to you and your partners safety and protection.

You can use them at your own pace...all our condoms come with at least a two year lifespan from the day of purchase.

At half the price of the high street you can make amazing savings when your order your condoms online from

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Ordering condoms from us is easy. Simply choose the type of condom and quantity you want, add them to your cart and then checkout with our online payment facility.

Can I pay with my laser card?

No but we are working on it. Presently we only accept payments via PayPal. We understand this can be a problem for some people and so currently have an offline bank transfer option available. Details can be viewed by selecting Offline Payment during checkout.

If you don't have a PayPal account here is an alternative method by which to make payment with your laser here.

All orders before 2pm are guaranteed to be sent the same day.

All our condoms are discreetly packaged and we take your privacy very seriously. Nobody will know that you've bought condoms online.

If you need any more questions answering please don't hesitate to ask.

Also if you're feeling generous please join and like our Facebook page and help spread the word that you no longer have to cringe at the price of condoms and suffer those embarrassing over the counter moments.

Condoms are bought in bulk

Additional Information

Low Prices

How come our prices are so cheap?

In order to pass on these great savings to you the customer we purchase our condoms in massive bulk allowing us to negotiate very low prices.

 If you don't have a PayPal account here is an alternative method by which to make payment with your laser here.


Fast Delivery

How long will my order take to arrive?

Fast delivery

We are based in Ireland so your order should be with you within 2 working days. An Post do not however guarantee delivery times, some local post offices can be slower than others. If after a seven working day period your order has yet to be received then please contact us and we will look into the matter. Seven working days will need to pass before we can claim it as lost in post with An Post.


Discreet Packaging

Discreet Packaging

We send all orders discreetly in jiffy bags and in some cases for large orders in parcels. We ensure that there is no mention of on the outside of your package.

Buy in bulk

There is no limit to how many condoms you can order but we only sell them in multiples of 12.

Feel free to mix and match different brands.

100% customer satisfaction

100% customer satisfaction

What if my package is damaged?

If your package arrives to you badly damaged then simply return the package and contact us to arrange a replacement. Never use any condoms from packaging that has been badly damaged.